sopcast Alternatives

Sopcast vs TVAnts

TVAnts and Sopcast are the two main players on the P2P TV-channel market. Although the several similarities between these two applications, they still possess their own way of working and their own characteristics and features. TVAnts focuses mainly on offering TV-channels with a strong domination of Chinese channels. Sopcast though goes one step further and offers its users the possibility to create their own video channels. Although TVAnts for sure can be considered a perfect Sopcast alternative, Sopcast is in our good books for the simple reason it lacks an abundance of Chinese channels.

Sopcast vs TVUPlayer

Again the main difference between both P2P TV-channels lies in the possibility to create personal video channels. Something which can be done via Sopcast, while this option is not available within TVUPlayer. TVUPlayer though is considered to be somewhat more user-friendly and easier to use. Besides TVUPlayer also mainly contains English TV-channels, amongst others some of the biggest American TV channels like Fox, ABC and Comedy Central. If one would therefore prefer content and English speaking programs TVUPlayer would be the best choice. If one would like to give a personal touch via channel creation or if one would have a strong preference for sport events, there is nothing like Sopcast.

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