Sopcast Installation

After clicking the download link you will be requested to download or open a zip file.

Two options can be made. The first option is to save the zip file on a specific location on your PC. Choose the preferred location and click on ‘save’. Browse to the specific location and open the saved file.

The second option is to click on ‘open’ immediately. The zip file will open and two files will be loaded. A txt file and an exe file. Double click on the exe file in order to start the Sopcast installation process.

In some cases an automatic security warning will pop-up. Press ‘yes’ to proceed.

Choose the installation language. Preferably choose English. Some languages might not yet be supported. Afterwards click on ‘OK’.

The installation process starts with a welcome message. Click on ‘Next’.

The first screen of the installation process shows the so-called license agreements. Click on ‘I Agree’ if you agree with these agreements and want to continue.

The installation program will offer you the choice between a standard and a customized installation. Choosing the standard installation will automatically install the Sopcast Ask Toolbar. This Toolbar allows its users to easily operate Sopcast. will also become your homepage. Choosing the customized installation the process will give you the possibility whether or not to install the Sopcast Toolbar or to set as your homepage. Click ‘next’ when you have made your choice. Personally we would not install the toolbar as we don’t believe it’s a dire necessity.

Sopcast setup will ask you for an installation location for the Sopcast application. Click on ‘browse’ and search for the desired location. Click ‘next’ afterwards.

Sopcast will be installed. After the installation you will receive a message Sopcast has been installed successfully. If you would prefer the program to run immediately after installation please make sure ‘Run Sopcast’ is checked. Click on ‘finish’ to end the installation process.

Sopcast will start after its installation. As a new user one can choose to log on anonymously or to create a new account. After logging on the application can be used.

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