Sopcast Manual

After the Sopcast installation the program can be used. Although Sopcast is pretty straightforward and user-friendly we would still like to highlight some of its main characteristics and features to make sure everything is clear and understandable.

  • Starting the application can be done via the Start Menu or via a shortcut, if you have chosen to create one.
  • A login screen will appear after starting up the application. Most channels are available when logged in as anonymous. One could also choose to register and to provide an account name. Registration will give you access to all channels, will allow you to create your own TV-channel or to retrieve access to specific TV-channels owned by other users.
  • When logged in successfully the following screen will appear:

The main screen of Sopcast consists of three sections:
The address bar: Channels that have been viewed in the past can be evoked via this bar. The address bar can be used too to insert the so-called sop address or TV-channel ID to open a certain TV-channel.
The main menus: Home, Live Channels, VoD Channels, MyServer and FAQ
The option menu: This menu is located at the bottom of the screen and consists of the following submenus: Sub (to gain access to additional channels), Apply (to open your own channel), Option (Extra options) and Logout (to logout)

  • The Live Channels Menu

The Live Channels Menu can be used to display all live channels. Opening the channel can be done by double clicking the preferred channel. At the top of the Live Channels screen 4 buttons can be found:
Button to display all your favorite channels
Button to open or close the channel menu
A standard refresh button. This button can be used to refresh the channel list.
Button which can be used to set up a filter to determine and adjust the channel list view.
The Live Channels screen also contains the channel name, the channel ID and a status bar showing the channel quality.

  • Double clicking the preferred channel will open the Sopcast video player.

Please find below the most important video player screen buttons and their features and functionalities:
Button to hide the main window and to place the video player at the top of the screen. The video player window can be dragged to any desired location allowing the user to watch a video while performing other tasks.
Button to be used to return to the main window or to change the broadcasted channel.
Button to be used to zoom in broadcasted pictures.
Button to be used to zoom out broadcasted pictures.
Button to be used to add specific channels to your favorites.
To record the broadcasted channels.
When there is nothing to be recorded the record button will be grey.
The red record button turns white when recording.
Button to hide the video player.

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